What to Expect

All of our sessions are created for the one unique you, and every step of our process, from session preparations through order delivery, includes a real person that will assist you with any questions, concerns, ideas, or needs.  So, how does a session at Studio Ainsley work?

Session Prep

We will begin with a personalized consultation by phone 2-4 weeks prior to your desired session date so we can go over all the details and specifics.  We will discuss wardrobe, locations, style, ideas, and contingency plans in case of inclement weather or if baby is born early or late.  Everything runs much more smoothly on a stressful occasion like Picture Day if you know exactly what to expect and how to get in touch with us!  This appointment also allows you to review our prices and products so you can start thinking about how you want to preserve and share your session images.  We offer canvas prints, birth announcements, albums, custom framing, and more.

Session Day

We will pose and light you in the most flattering way possible, taking time and care to do it right.  We provide props and backdrops for newborn sessions, and have a great variety of outdoor locations to choose from for every session purpose.  Your job is to have fun and let us worry about capturing meaningful moments!


We provide a concierge service where you order by phone and set you up with a private online image gallery for a 24-hour preview period of your choosing, ending with this phone call.  You will finalize your order with a Portrait Consultant.  This phone order is not for the purpose of forcing you into a purchase or pushing high sales quotas.  We provide this personalized service so that you can ask questions, look at your images in detail, and be certain you are purchasing the correct sizes and products.  Nothing is more frustrating than ordering online without any assistance, so this step is like having a fitting room for your portraits!


From the time you place your order to the time it is in your hands is generally four weeks or less.  We aim to have everything to you as quickly as possible!  Your initial order purchase includes shipping to your home or business.

Have more questions?  Drop us a line!

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